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Saturday 28th April 2018
Men - EY Hockey League - Round 18
15:00Annadale v Monkstown @ Strathearn SchoolIrishHUARussell Donaldson, Patrick Wright (umpires) Michael Graham (Annadale), Raymond Hughes (technical officials)
15:00Glenanne v Banbridge @ St. Andrews College, BooterstownIrishHUAKris Cholewa, Robert Johnston (umpires) Linda Ingram, David Kenna (technical officials)
15:00Lisnagarvey v Railway Union @ Lisnagarvey HCIrishHUANeil Mackay, Noel McBride (umpires) Walter Carruthers, Norma Gartside (technical officials)
15:00Pembroke Wanderers v Cork Church of Ireland @ Serpentine Ave.IrishHUARob Argent, Colm Kavanagh (umpires) Gary Johnston, David Kenna,
Martin Canniffe (technical officials)
15:00Three Rock Rovers v Cookstown @ Three Rock Rovers HCIrishHUAPaul Arneill, Ian Strange (umpires) Brian Chadwick, Diarmuid McMahon (technical officials)
Men - EYHL Provincial Play-offs - Semi-Finals
12:00Bangor v Bandon @ GarryduffIrishHUARob Abbott, Malcolm Coombes (umpires)
14:00YMCA v Instonians @ GarryduffIrishHUAJim Butler, Warren McCully, Simon MacAllister (umpires)
Women - EY Hockey League - Round 8
14:30Belfast Harlequins v Pembroke Wanderers @ Deramore ParkIrishHUALyn Morrow, Christine Reid (umpires) Karl Kelly (B'fast Quinns), Lesley Spence (technical officials)
14:30Cork Harlequins v Railway Union @ Farmers' CrossIrishHUAJulie Beamish, Alison Keogh (umpires) Pat Sargent, Kay Treacy (technical officials)
14:30Pegasus v Ards @ Queens UniversityIrishHUALinda Coughlan, Neal Hermon (umpires) Alyson Crompton, Dennis Millar (technical officials)
14:30Trinity v Loreto @ Trinity College Sports GroundIrishHUALiz Clifford, Gillian Garrett (umpires) Ian Brady (Trinity), David Williamson,
Kate Chadwick (technical officials)
14:30University College Dublin v Monkstown @ BelfieldIrishHUAFiona Davitt, Carol Metchette (umpires) David Acheson, Erica Porter,
David Williamson (technical officials)
Women - EYHL Provincial Play-offs - Round 2
10:15Lurgan v University College Cork @ MardykeIrishHUASarah Canning, Mark Dietzold (umpires)
11:45NUIG v Muckross @ MardykeIrishHUALinda Johnston, James Wray (umpires)
13:30Old Alexandra v Lurgan @ MardykeIrishHUAMark Dietzold, Ellie Duffy (umpires)
15:00University College Cork v NUIG @ MardykeIrishHUALinda Johnston, James Wray (umpires)
16:45Muckross v Old Alexandra @ MardykeIrishHUASarah Canning, Ellie Duffy (umpires)
Sunday 29th April 2018
Men - EYHL Provincial Play-offs - Final
14:00 @ MardykeIrishHUAMalcolm Coombes, Warren McCully (umpires)
Women - EY Hockey League - Round 14 - Refixture
15:00Loreto v Pegasus @ Loreto High School, Grange RoadIrishHUAKris Cholewa, Liz Clifford, Gillian Garrett, Neil Mackay (umpires)
Anne King, Erica Porter (technical officials)
Women - EYHL Provincial Play-offs - Round 2
09:30NUIG v Lurgan @ MardykeIrishHUASarah Canning, James Wray (umpires)
11:00Muckross v University College Cork @ MardykeIrishHUAMark Dietzold, Ellie Duffy (umpires) Julie Beamish (assessor) Zee Howe (umpire coach)
12:30Old Alexandra v NUIG @ MardykeIrishHUASarah Canning, Linda Johnston (umpires)
16:00Lurgan v Muckross @ MardykeIrishHUAEllie Duffy, James Wray (umpires)
17:30University College Cork v Old Alexandra @ MardykeIrishHUAMark Dietzold, Linda Johnston (umpires)
Women - Munster U.16 League - Final
14:00 @ GarryduffMunsterHUAColette Coomey, Alex Treacy (umpires)
Thursday 3rd May 2018
Women - Munster Division 2/3 Relegation/Promotion Play-off
Clonmel v Cork Wanderers @ Canon Hayes S.C.MunsterHUA