Munster Hockey Umpiring Association

Munster Hockey Umpiring Association

Irish Hockey Umpires Association

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Munster Hockey Umpiring Association Items

MHUA Constitution
Rules and Guidance
Competition Rules 2020/21
FIH Rulebook 2019
IHUA Umpires Briefing 2020-21
Umpring 3D Skills
Temporary Suspended Players Guidance
Player Equipment Clarification
Management of Captains v Coaches/Managers
Penalty Shoot-out Regulations 2018-19
HI Concussion Guidelines
Concussion Recognition
Hockey Ireland Return to Competition Protocols
Radio Pairing
Umpire Development Pathway and Information
Umpire Assessment Information and Marking Matrix
Grade 1 Umpire Guidance
Grade 2 Umpire Guidance
Grade 3 Umpire Guidance
Assessment and Coaching
Assessor and Coach Information & Guidelines
Umpire Assessor Job Description
Umpire Assessor Course Information
Umpire Performance Report Form
Card Reporting and Expense Claims
Yellow Card Report Form
Red Card Report Form
MMO Report Form
Match Card
Expense Claim Form

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